Cut Down on Car & Travel Costs

The UAE Money Expert’s Guide to Cutting Down on Travel Costs

It’s not cheap to get around in the UAE. Nor is it an expense that you can simply get rid of. However, there are a few methods available—especially to car owners—that can help lower those costs. We’ve diligently sought out the best travel tips in the UAE that, if done together, can save you loads of money every month.

Going the extra mile with your fuel

It’s amazing how much farther you can go on a single tank of gas—up to 33% farther if you can believe it—just by making a few tweaks to your driving habits.

For instance, lowering the weight of a vehicle can dramatically decrease the amount of fuel it takes to get around. Taking off the roof rack and removing a few heavier items out of the boot will lower some of that weight.

Another option which won’t be as easy for some people is to drive less aggressively. Aggressive driving will kill off your fuel tank. That means revving the engine, accelerating and breaking quickly, and driving well over the speed limit. Doing any of this will force your fuel to work harder, which in turn means your back at the gas tank sooner than you’d like to be.

You also have a few driving tricks that are known to decrease fuel usage. For instance, using the AC can eat up your fuel, so use it sparingly. Make sure you’re driving in the right gear as well, and instead of using each gear individually to break, use the block, shift gear method.

Lastly, get your car serviced regularly. Have the oil looked at and make sure you keep your tyres at their optimal pressure.


If you and another coworker live by one another, you could cut your fuel costs in half by sharing a car with them to go to work. Car sharing also comes into play with kids. If the school is far away and some of your child’s friends live in the area, ask their parents if they’d like to alternate trips. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Use public transportation for most of your travel needs

You don’t need to outright get rid of the car, but for regular travel, a bus ride or even a walk could mean way more money spent on travel costs. Even if you leave your car in the parking lot at work and walk somewhere nearby for lunch, that will save you in fuel costs over time.

A few public transportation methods exist in the UAE. The most common is either the bus or the metro. You may end up settling on a mixture of both to get around. If you do, here are a few money-saving tips for UAE public transport travel:

NOL Silver Cards are great options for those that travel frequently. The card works like an e-purse, meaning you add money into it and it will be automatically deduced when you get on the metro. It holds up to 500 AED and won’t expire for five years.

NOL Gold Cards are for those that like to travel in style. Gold cards work exactly like the silver cards mentioned above, only they let you access Gold Class cabins, which are more spacious versions of the standard cabins in the Dubai metro.

NOL Blue Cards offer a more personalized touch. You can add a photo ID to these cards, so if they get lost, someone might be able to get it back to you. These cards also identify people as students and senior citizens (so you can make use of those discounts, up to 50%!) Plus, this card is easily registered for by going online, and you can even top it off online as well. It costs AED 70 and will arrive at your home within 10 days.

NOL Red Tickets are great options for those visiting the UAE. It may not be the best option to purchase a card if you’re only here for a few days. This particular ticket doesn’t use an e-purse. Instead, it is purchased directly for AED 2 from any metro kiosk and allows for travel in both the bus and metro. You must have a ticket that corresponds with the correct travel zone, and you must use them within 90 days of purchasing the ticket. You can also recharge this ticket a set number of times before it expires for good.

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