Early Education Fee Planning

The best gift you can give your children is quality education

It’s obvious we all want the best education for our children.

What are the best schools? Where are these schools situated? Which will be more conveniently located to your residence or place of work? What type of curriculum should you choose? What style of teaching is best? What languages are covered and taught? And the big question of just how much will it cost?

All of these decisions may not even be on offer if you do not start your ground work as early as humanly possible.

If you are considering a move to the UAE, are a fresh-off- the-plane expat or a first time parent who has not yet mixed with other UAE already-established family circles, you may not be aware of the mammoth challenge that lies ahead with Dubai’s near impossible school admissions process.

UAE Money Expert recommends families that they start planning prematurely not only for actual school fees but also that you start your school selection and application process without delay.

Although not widely publicized or known amongst first time parents or new arrivals – the application process to a school of your choice here in Dubai can be a hopeless task, if left too late. A vast majority of the decent schools in Dubai have waiting lists and therefore unless planned, in some cases a few years in advance, your choice of school may be limited or even unattainable. Many schools waiting lists are enormous and only offer places if a current student leaves. In some schools and in some year groups, the number of students on a waiting list could easily surpass 1,000, but the probability of them getting a place in that school is limited.

We advise researching schools and fees, and even starting the application process from your child’s first birthday if possible. As ridiculous as that sounds, enrolment in schooling here in Dubai is a different and more than challenging ball game. In fact, it is a fully-fledged battlefield.

It is also important that you note that some schools charge a reservation fee in addition to the non-refundable application fee for registration. Generally, it is advised that you apply for at least three or four schools in order to secure a place, regardless of how confident you are that your even gifted child will be admitted to one.

Application fees alone are roughly Dh500 for most schools. Multiply this per child and you have a large sum of money to find – and very quickly.

Then, add this already large sum of money to the Dh5,000-Dh7,000 that you will need to pay to secure their seat when they clear the assessment and the expense becomes substantial. You may also choose to forfeit this expense if the school of your first choice admits them later.

So education costs are starting to rack up before you have even started.

Next, there is a vast range of tuition fees in Dubai. Fees start from approximately AED 5,000 a year to almost AED 100,000 per year for some schools. If your children’s school fees are not covered or subsidized by your employer or your spouse’s employer, we recommend that you decide on a budget and then research the available schools in that price range. Please see our Dubai Schools Price List to aid you with this planning.

Affordability is a key obstacle for most parents in the UAE and the simple answer is early preparation. Effective early education fee planning can avoid the need for loans, financial pressure and debt.

Speak to one of our Early Education Fee Planning Expert’s to learn more and find the best solution.

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