Life Insurance

Life Insurance Is About Protecting Those You Love

That Makes It One of the Most Essential Kinds of Insurance to Have

It’s not easy to talk about life insurance. We don’t want to think that we won’t be there to ensure our family stays safe and is well taken care of.

Life insurance is a guarantee, a promise that you make to your family. It says that no matter what happens, they’ll be protected. They’ll never be hounded by debt collectors, or be forced to go into bankruptcy, or even lose their home.

UAE Money Expert understands that life insurance isn’t an easy thing to consider. But we also understand that we have to consider it anyway.

If you’d like to discuss life insurance with us, we’d be happy to have that conversation. We’ll guide you through the entire process. We’ll even help you find the best life insurance company for you.

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Life insurance can be used to help in so many ways. Most of the time it’s used to:

  • pay off the mortgage,
  • remove existing debt
  • Pay funeral costs

Ultimately it’s that financial support a family needs in case a key member passes away.

Premiums will be potentially more expensive if you are seen as a higher risk. High risk examples for Life Insurance are: poor medical history, smoking, over weight, family history, hazardous sports and location

Single and joint policies are available. A tip to consider is two separate single plans. This means if both parties were to pass either together or separately, two lots of cover would be paid out. And normally it’s not that much more expensive to opt for this option. Speak to one of the Life Experts to discuss this further.

There are two main types of Life Insurance offered in the UAE

  1. Term Assurance. This product basically means you are covered for a certain time frame such as 15 or 20 years. You can choose the cover amount to increase, stay the same (level) or decrease (This option would normally be associated with a mortgage or loan)
  2. Whole of Life. This product normally has an investment element attached and pays out whenever you die. As long as all premiums have been paid and kept up to date.

Medicals are sometimes required after the initial application has been processed. This is a simple exercise and extremely common. Also the insurance company covers the cost.

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