Marine Insurance

We can’t guarantee your goods and cargo will make it ashore. What we CAN guarantee is that you’re protected from the worst case scenario. With Read More

Credit Insurance

What exactly is credit insurance? In a nutshell, credit insurance is a type of commercial protection that protects a company’s receivables agains Read More

Engineering Insurance

Businesses around the globe rely on their machinery and electronics every day—and yet most of these tools remain without an insurance policy to prot Read More

Group Health Insurance

Health and Dental insurance shouldn’t be looked at in terms of cost. Rather a company should see it as an investment. It’s been proven time and ag Read More

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is a popular insurance option among companies because it provides a benefit that your employees likely don’t have at a cost tha Read More

Keyman Protection

Sometimes, the most critical assets we have in our possession are the people that make our businesses operate every day. The loss of even one key indi Read More

Partnership Insurance

Imagine for a moment that one of your partners became seriously ill, or perhaps even suffered a serious accident and was killed. Do you know for sure Read More

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance, also known as PI or Professional Liability Insurance, is insurance that protects an individual from being sued for l Read More

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. And when they do, they tend to bring healthcare costs, unintended employee absences, and worst of all, legal fees. Even a single Read More

Shareholder Protection

Would you recognize your company without its shareholders? What if, almost overnight, they were gone, replaced by people with different motivations an Read More

Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection is a form of insurance that insulates a company from the long-term financial effects of having an employee or employees absent Read More

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