Car Insurance

Trying to Find the Best Car Insurance?

With over 35 different car insurance products in the UAE, finding the right insurance company with the best rates can be a daunting task.

At the same time, these car insurance companies may not even have the kind of policy you’re looking for. Whether you have:

  • A Small, Medium or Large Car
  • An Imported Vehicle
  • A Sports Car
  • A 4×4
  • A Classic Car
  • A High Value or one of a kind

The UAE Money Experts will simplify the entire car insurance process by quickly pairing your needs with an insurance company.

Payment can be made over the phone and we’ll even deliver all policy documents to an address you specify, for FREE.

Whatever car you drive, we will send over a comprehensive email with the best providers and lowest premiums.

To receive a car insurance quote from one of our experts, just fill out the form below.

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Things to know:

There are two types of car insurance 1.Comprehensive and 2.3rd Party

1.Comprehensive Car insurance offers full accident protection. This means whether it was your fault or not you are fully protected.

Things to consider:

Excess Fee- This is the amount payable in the event of an accident. For example if you have an excess of 1000AED, you will have to pay this to get your car fixed or replaced. Normally the higher the Excess the lower your annual or monthly premium. Normally all policies have this element included and can be adjusted.

Agency Repair– This is an additional cost and normally only offered to cars under 3 years of age. It provides peace of mind that your car will be fixed at a main dealer. (please read and check all terms and conditions for each individual policy)

Offroad- This is an insurance option for drivers that like to leave the road and head out into the desert. Additional costs will apply. (please read and check all terms and conditions for each individual policy)

GCC Driving- this is an enhanced protection option if you are driving around the GCC

Key replacement- Replace your car keys when lost

Personal Accident– Compensation may be rewarded on injury or death. (please read and check all terms and conditions for each individual policy)

2. 3rd Party Car Insurance only covers the other parties damage. This option is normally associated with older cars that are unable to get comprehensive cover. You will need to take into account your own damage costs if you chose this option. This is normally a cheaper product compared to comprehensive.


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