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Life insurance is a plan taken out with an Insurance Company to provide cover and protection for your family, loved ones or even a business or partners in the event of your death.

If a claim is made on your life insurance plan, it can cover the immediate financial commitments for your beneficiaries, for example:

  • Bills,
  • Paying off existing loans or outstanding debt (mortgage/credit cards)
  • Funeral costs.

After removing all existing debt, life insurance will also cover other financial considerations. If a salary was lost, how would your family cope with maintaining a standard of living and on-going:

  • Monthly bills
  • Schooling costs
  • Pension payments


A large percentage of life insurance should provide an ongoing income. The way to achieve this is to place a lump sum payment into a product that provides an income to support the beneficiaries. One example of this is A BOND. (At this point it’s worth speaking to an Investment expert who can provide all the options available)


The premium and cover you will need is up to you, and careful planning, research and advice is needed. We suggest most individuals aim for between 10 and 30 times their annual salary to cover a life insurance payout. It will of course come down to affordability.
It’s better to have some life Insurance than none at all.
Let one of our Regulated Experts help you find the best life insurance company FOR YOU.

There are two main types of Life Insurance offered in the UAE:

Term Assurance.
This product means you chose the length of time you require the plan to last – possibly until retirement or a specified age or time frame. If you were to die within this time frame the lump sum chosen at inception would pay out. There is no investment element to this and if you chose to stop paying the premiums the cover would stop. A medical would normally be required after the application has been processed.

If you live longer than the length of your plan, you will not be able to claim back your premiums.

Other benefits like Critical illness cover can be added to this plan for an additional cost

If you would like an Expert to give you a call or you require an illustration please click on the links at the top of this page.

Whole of Life.
This product normally has an investment element attached, although this is not always the case. The aim of the plan is to pay a lump sum of money to you on death, whenever that occurs. It can pay out whatever age you die. but of course you need to keep paying the premiums, and you need to allow for this in your retirement plans, or if your income and circumstances change.

We understand that these are difficult things to consider or talk about, we all want to be there to look after our family, but should the worst happen then the Life Insurance you take out will help you to provide for them.

Business Insurance.
What would you need Business Life Insurance for? Life Insurance can be taken out by Business Partners on each other, to cover business loans, car loans and to ensure the continued success of the company should one partner pass away.

Probably yes. This is a free service and organised by the regulated Expert and Insurance firm offering the cover. You would get to choose a convenient practice and time suitable for you.
Medical requirements can range from a height and weight test to a full medical screening including

Once you fill out the above form, we will forward your details to a Qualified Regulated Expert . You can request a personalised quotation on any Life Insurance plan, or just receive further information without obligation, by completing the form above. A Qualified Regulated Expert, specialising in Life Insurance, will contact you. All information is treated as confidential.

Unfortunately, Premiums can be more expensive if you are seen as a higher risk. Examples for Life Insurance include: pre-existing medical condition, smoking, being over weight, family history, hazardous sports and location. Medicals are sometimes required after the initial application has been submitted but it’s nothing to be alarmed about. It is in the interest of the Insurance companies to make the whole process as easy, smooth and quick as possible. More importantly the Insurance companies usually cover the cost for this.
Single and joint policies are available, but for couples we normally recommend two separate single plans. Usually the premiums do not cost that much more, and it means that the policy will pay out for both parties, rather than just on the first death. Critical illness can be added to Life Insurance if needed.

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