Top Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle

Cars have it rough in the United Arab Emirates. Temperatures can easily reach 50 C, which is hot enough to roast the insides of a car, and under the worst circumstances, set it on fire. Dust is another factor, as it can mean additional maintenance and cleaning, something that we often tend to neglect even in our home countries.

We wanted to write up a list of car maintenance tips to help our fellow expats save money on their vehicles in the long run. Should you have any questions on these and other tips, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly specialists at the UAE Money Expert!

Tip #1: Get your car on a set maintenance schedule. Without a proper schedule it’ll just keep delaying maintenance. One method is to add a date to your calendar, once every three months (which is when you should have a standard oil change anyway). The repairmen will likely tell you if there is anything else the car currently needs.

Tip #2: Read the manual. Every car is different. The owner’s manual will help you determine when you should take your car in, and what to do in case your car begins acting out in a certain way.

Tip #3: Once a month, check the seatbelts. Seatbelts will fray, rip, and deteriorate over time. They’re also the most important safety tool your vehicle has. Ensuring that they’re in perfect condition every month is an absolute must.

Tip #4: Once a year, flush and refill your radiator tank. Your radiator can become damaged and even get holes in it if it isn’t flushed out from time to time.

Tip #5: Oil changes every 5,000kms. Or whatever number is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Again, this is a good time to have the maintenance crew check your tires and breaks, look at your engine fluids, and clean up any build up within the vehicle’s engine.

Tip #6: Tyre rotations every 10,000kms. Rotating your tires every 10,000kms can extend their lifespans by years. Most of the time, these rotations are completely free with an oil change.

Tip #7: Replace the air filter and coolant around 25,000kms. This is especially true for UAE residents because dirt is everywhere. While you’re at it, ask them to check out your battery and see if you need a replacement. Batteries, too, take a serious beating from the heat, and need to be replaced more often than you’re used to.

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