Free UK Pension Tracing & Forecast Service

For existing UK residents: The UAE Money Expert Has a Pension Tracing and Forecast Service That is Completely Free to Use

For those people that have worked in the UK but are now in the UAE or abroad, it may be time to consider a tracing service that will help you identify what pensions you have (either from previous employers or private)

How can I find this information?

Luckily enough, you don’t have to look too hard to find these “lost” pension plans. Hopefully you’ll know about most of them as all are required to send you an annual assessment detailing how much money you currently have invested in their program.

If it’s been some time since you’ve received a pension assessment in the mail, then you may need to contact the entity that managed your pension. Another option is to contact your previous employer and inquire about how to access or contact the management company. The final option is to use our Pension Tracing System, which is highly accurate and completely free.

How does the free Pension Tracing System work?

The UAE Money Expert’s Pension Tracing System works by taking your information (that you’ll fill out in the form below) to track down pensions that are in your name. Our experts will try to tell you the location of these pensions and any other information they can find. They will also send you a pre-filled-out Letter of Authority, which you’ll just need to sign and return for a more personal and detailed analysis.

Our Pension Experts will request the following information from your pension holder:

When will the money be accessible? Is the pension still growing?
How much money is currently in the fund? Is the fund being managed by somebody?
Are there any benefits associated with it? what are my current charges?
Has the pension seen growth over the past few years? who will the money be left to when I die?

To answer the above questions and find your existing pensions- please fill out the below form and a Pension Specialist will be in touch

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Telephone Number(*)

Date of Birth

National Insurance Number(s)

Number of Pensions(s)

Pension Scheme Name(s)

Company Name(s)

Plan Number(s)

Years you contributed to scheme(s)

Any further information you may have about the scheme(s)

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How to get an estimate of your UK State Pension

A State Pension statement will give you an estimate of how much money you may get, based on your National Insurance contribution records to date. It will certainly help you understand if future National Insurance contributions are required to achieve the maximum State Pension. You can even start contributions again while living in the UAE.

Visit GOV UK to get your State Pension statement


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